Be Stylish, Be Generous

The Lilly

The Lilly (Photo credit: vintspiration)

I love great style, especially when it evokes a romantic version of everyday life. It has taken me years of practice to finally pull together my own unique style. And like me, unless you were born French, you have shopped, regretted, returned, coveted, copied, over-spent, under-spent and generally despaired of ever getting it just right. Actually, I’m still somewhere in the middle of the process.

I’m so sympathetic to the challenge that I’m downright relieved when someone stops me on the street to ask where I found a piece. It’s this season! Ah, a kindred spirit. And shame on you ladies (and gents – you know who you are) who won’t reveal your source. Come now, it’s fashion, not investigative journalism.

I’ll tell you a quick story that inspired me to start this blog. Last spring I attended a fundraiser for my son’s rugby team, and not 100% sure what to wear, I threw on a new Lilly Pulitzer dress that I picked up at my favorite local store Amy Williams. One little ruby player’s mom complimented me so sincerely that I practically ran out to pick up one in her size. Enjoying the moment and buoyed by the compliment, I smoothed my dress and headed to the bar to refresh my drink. On route a severe lady of indeterminate style admonished me for giving away my source, advising me to keep my style secrets to myself. I’d like to think she meant to be sisterly, but it left me feeling embarrassed and uncouth, as if I’d just let on that I sometimes shopped Hollister (as if). Flashback to an elderly aunt cornering me, clutching her pearls and hissing that nice girls don’t wear beer t-shirts. I suppose she had a point, but it’s all in the delivery, right? What if it had been a Tanqueray T? Paired with a navy blazer, crisp white jeans and ballet flats. Hmmm…

Well, that’s fine if your point is to keep at least one person a notch down to feel better about yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I have fleeting moments of competitiveness, but I’m done for if I’m left to my own devices to freshen my style. Some of the get-ups I’ve worn. Seriously?

My point is, no one will ever wear something just the way that you do, so relax, be generous, be kind, be bold, try not to covet thy friend’s look, and don’t let others dictate your path to achieving great style.



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